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Best Essential Oil Diffuser For A Large Room, An Office, Or Your Home

On this page, we will review how we found the best essential oil diffuser for your office, home, or any other location after 60 hours of research.  Throughout this process, we purchased and reviewed 32 different diffusers and weighed out the pros and cons. After 2 months of testing we are ready to share our favorite diffusers for each condition.  That being said, please consider using our Amazon affiliate like for your purchase.  That little bit of income is what allows us to continue work on this site.   Now, let’s get to the point! The Best Essential Oil Diffuser Overall [...]

Natural Remedies

The Best Essential Oils For Rosacea Money Can Buy

As someone who has battled with this terrible condition myself, I can officially say that I know some of the best essential oils for rosacea.  I found a few oils that worked wonders for my skin and helped clear up the breakouts very quickly.  I would suggest these to anyone who suffers from the effects of rosacea! Rosacea is a skin condition that 1 out of every 20 Americans suffer from.  But because it is so frequently misdiagnosed as different skin conditions, most experts believe that number is well short of the real number. Unfortunately, there currently isn’t a [...]

The Best Essential Oils For Sleep Apnea

In this article, I will review some of the best essential oils for sleep apnea and how they will help.  Please note that these oils are not meant to, and can’t, cure sleep apnea itself.  If you haven’t done so already, please seek a professional opinion is seeking a long term solution if you suffer from sleep apnea. If you suffer from sleep apnea, know that you are not alone!  It is estimated that over 22 million of Americans are right there with you.  Of those that have moderate to severe obstructions, about 80% are undiagnosed. What Causes Sleep [...]

Essential Oil For Bruises That Will Actually Work

In this article, I will tell you how you can use essential oil for bruises to make them heal faster naturally.  Don’t spend money on toxic creams that make empty promises!  Essential oils are all natural and can do the job just as well, if not better than those store bought creams. Bruises are one of the most common injuries that can happen to your skin.  They happen to most of us on a fairly regular basis, especially when we are young.  While some people are more susceptible to getting large painful bruises, it happens to all of us [...]

How Using Essential Oils for Fibromyalgia Can Be Effective

Before we talk about some of the essential oils for fibromyalgia, let’s go over some of the cause and effects of this painful condition. Fibromyalgia, also known as fibrositis or myofascial pain syndrome, is a chronic disorder characterized by widespread pain in muscles, bones, and areas of tenderness. Light pressure causes pain to the trigger points (the body parts where the person affected perceives the pain). The common trigger points are; hips, back of the head, elbows, shoulders, and upper chest. Fibromyalgia may also exhibit other symptoms like general fatigue, stiffness, swelling, anxiety, memory problems, headache, depression, a dull [...]

Using Essential Oils To Reduce Swelling Really Works

Before we get into how to use essential oils to reduce swelling, lets review swelling so that we are on the same page.  Swelling is typically caused by inflammation or fluid buildup.  This is when something happens to your body and you start to experience enlargement of organs, muscle, the skin surface and other parts of the body. You may experience external swelling, which is visible, or internal swelling that can only be diagnosed by a doctor. Inflammation is the body's automatic response to injury. It is triggered by cells when they release a signal to neutrophils around the [...]

The Best Essential Oils For Add (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD

As an essential oil "expert", I get asked a lot of questions on this site.  Some of the most common questions I get are about the best essential oils for add or adhd.  Since it is obviously a topic that people are interested in, I decided that I would write a post focused entirely on this condition and how essential oils can help! ADD is the short form for Attention Deficit Disorder. Recently scholars also started to refer to the condition as ADHD, which means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Essentially, people with the disorder are easily distracted and have [...]