Banana Essential Oil – Top 10 Benefits and Uses

//Banana Essential Oil – Top 10 Benefits and Uses

Banana Essential Oil – Top 10 Benefits and Uses

Bananas are one of the healthiest and most refreshing fruits readily available at your local grocery store.  They are one of the best sources of potassium and also help produce serotonin, a chemical that has a positive effect on your emotions.  Imagine what banana essential oil could do for you!

Banana essential oil is actually a fragrance oil that is produced from from synthetic materials.  It is great for soaps, body washes, lotions, and anything else you want to smell tropical!  It is one of the most common fragrance oils and is readily available wherever you buy your oils.

While eating a banana is certainly delicious, I personally love the way they smell.  Smelling a banana takes me away from my city life and onto a tropical beach with wild banana trees and crashing waves.  While all three of my kids happen to love bananas, you might not be so lucky.  It’s going to be OK though, because you can always pick up some banana essential oil to fill that void!

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Just to be clear, “banana essential oil” is really just a fragrance oil.  You can’t extract banana oils through steam distillation like other oils.  Keep that in mind when mixing things with banana oil.

Banana oil is a fragrance oil that can be produced partially from bananas or entirely from synthetics.  It is one of the more common fragrance oils and is readily available wherever you buy your oils.  We will include a link to this product on Amazon at the bottom of this page if you have trouble finding it.

What is Banana Oil?

What Are Some Uses of Banana Essential Oil ?

  1. You can find banana oil in almost all of my soaps, lotions, and other skin care products.  It helps restore the normal PH level of your skin while soothing and moisturizing any cracks or chapped skin.
  2. While I don’t suggest that you use it alone as sun block, it does naturally provide some protection against the sun and the darkness/dryness that it can cause.  I like to add it to my sunblocks for added protection and a great scent
  3. Lip balm is another great use for banana essential oil.  Most people love the taste of bananas, so they like that taste on their lips.  Lip balm is easy to make if you have access to beeswax and a few other natural ingredients.
  4. Banana fragrance is also common is body sprays, because tropical scents are very common scents for body sprays.  You might also find banana fragrance in perfumes and other scented products.
  5. The high amount of Vitamin C is also great for your immune system.  It will help prevent you and your family from getting sick as much, especially in the winter!
  6. Because the scent is soothing and the oil has anti-inflammatory qualities, it is a great additive for message oil.  It works great to help you unwind and relax when you need it.
  7. I also love to throw this in the bubble baths that I make for the kiddos.  Banana is one of those scents that you can pick out of a crowd and kids love that kind of thing.
  8. Because this oil is high in vitamin C and antioxidants, I also use it in hair care and styling products.  It is great for dry and frizzy hair or hair that is hard to manage.  The oil helps maintain your scalp’s health and will do wonders if you have trouble with dandruff.  Not to mention, it will give your hair an amazing tropical scent!
  9. I have not seen this for myself, but many believe that it also helps with hair growth by making the roots stronger and encouraging more growth.
  10. This oil is great for your skin because of its anti-aging and healing capabilities.  Mix it with a good carrier oil and spread it to prevent wrinkles and help heal scars.
Banana Essential Oil And its Uses: Everything You Need to Know

Banana Essential Oil – How to Make it at Home

True Banana oil cannot be made entirely from bananas and is therefore very difficult to make at home.  It can be made from half actual banana and half synthetic, but it cannot be made from 100% banana.  Unless you have the equipment to create synthetic essential oils at home, then you will probably have to go out and purchase this one.

HOWEVER, you can create your own version that smells just as great but gives off a little weaker scent.  Here as some instructions on how to make homemade banana essential oil:

  1. Start with some bananas that are starting to turn brown.  You don’t want them to be soft yes, but you want the skin to start to showing some dark spots.  Eat the banana’s while they are in their most nutritious state and save the peels.  Disclaimer: you don’t really need to eat them, but why would you let them go to waste!
  2. Cut the banana peels into small pieces and seal them in a plastic sandwich bag.
  3. Beat the cut up peels until they look like they are becoming soft and moist. (this is my favorite part)
  4. Dump that mush you have created into a small glass jar.
  5. Fill the rest of the jar with some sort of tropical carrier oil.  I prefer to use almond oil myself, but this is a personal preference.
  6. Seal the jar tight and place it in a sunny location for 4 hours.
  7. Shake the jar as much as possible throughout the day.  For best results, the jar should be shaken every 2 hours while you are awake.
  8. Open the jar after 2 days and take a smell.  If you feel like the scent is strong enough then you can stop here.  If you would like it to be stronger, then go back to step one and add more banana peels to the mix!
  9. Once the scent is strong enough, filter the peels out of the oil mixture and it is ready to use!

It will take some time to master the art of making banana essential oil at home.  The key is in finding the right balance between the banana peels and the carrier oil.  Once you get it down, you will be able to take advantage of all the great benefits of banana essential oils every day!

What Does Banana Oil Mix Well With?

This is one of my personal favorite essential oils and I don’t know if I would survive without it.  If I am using any tropically scented fragrance oil, I always add a splash of banana to take it to the next level.  My thoughts are that you should take advantage of what you have, and banana is about as tropical as it can get.

Here are a few fragrances I blend it with:

  • Coconut
  • Pineapple
  • Vanilla
  • Mango
  • Kiwi
  • Kaffir lime

For those of you that are looking to mix this fragrance with other tropical options, we suggest that you check out this tropical fragrance oil set.  It has everything that you might want if you want to create a tropical scent.

What is Banana Oil?

Did You Know?

  • The scientific name for banana, musa sapientum, translates to “fruit of the wise men”.
  • Banana’s float in water, which isn’t the case with most other fruits.
  • Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs show humans eating bananas thousands of years ago.
  • Some cultures used the fiber in bananas to create fabric and even paper. This is especially common in Japan.
  • Banana’s ripen significantly faster when they are still attached to the bunch.
  • Banana’s with brown spots are easier to digest because the starch has become simple sugars.  It also means that the banana is more ripe and contains more antioxidants.
  • In the US, Hawaii is the only place where bananas are grown commercially because they have the perfect climate for growing them.
  • Most of the bananas consumed in the US are imported from Latin and South America.
  • Banana’s are a huge food source for countries in Latin America.  They only export about 20% of what they produce.  That means they consume a lot of banana!
  • The banana’s you buy from the store have been bred for hundreds of years to almost completely remove seeds from the fruit.
  • Bananas grow upside down and grow towards the sun, causing them to curve.
  • China passed a law in 2016 that bans people from “seductively eating bananas” online. This is part of the country’s web censorship laws.
  • Bananas are Walmart’s tops seller. They sell more banana than any other item in the store.
  • There is no such thing as a banana tree. This fruit actually grows on the largest herb.

A Few Precautions

Since we know that banana oil is always at least partially synthetic, make sure that you are not ingesting or taking this essential oil orally for any reason.  This product is designed for scent only, so make sure that you keep that in mind. Of course, you can also dilute banana oil and use it topically as well.

What do you use banana essential oil for?  I would love to hear if I am missing out on anything awesome!

A Short History Of Banana’s

Originating in south east Asia, banana plants were brought west by Arab conquerors around the year 327 B.C.  This brought them into Africa, where arab countries started to grow this great source of food and vitamin C.

As the first explorers and missionaries traveled to the Caribbean in the 1600’s, they brought large quantities of this fruit along for the ride.  When they arrived, they decided to plant some of the seeds and see if they would grow.  By the late 1800’s, locals had started replacing sugar farms with banana farms because they were much easier to car for.

Today, mass production of banana’s happens mostly in tropical areas because that is where they grow best.  These include the Caribbean, the Pacific, and some parts of Africa.  If you pick up a jar of banana oil, it is very likely that it originated from one of those three locations.

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