The Benefits And Uses of Bay Rum Essential Oil

//The Benefits And Uses of Bay Rum Essential Oil

The Benefits And Uses of Bay Rum Essential Oil

The bay rum tree, also known as the West Indian tree, is a tree native to the West Indies but grows predominantly in Spain, Morocco, and Jamaica.  They grow up to 30 feet tall and are commonly mistaken for the bay plant.  While the tree is extremely interesting, the uses for bay rum essential oil are even more intriguing!

When you distill the leaves using steam distillation, the result is a thin oil with a yellowish tint.  That liquid is what we call bay rum essential oil and it is one of my personal favorite masculine oils.  I find that the scent it produces resembles the warm and spicy scent of the cloves that I grow in my garden.

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This scent is very popular in making men’s body care and scented products because of the spicy aroma that it produces.    For those of you that have heard of or use men’s aftershave and hair tonics, bay rum fragrance shouldn’t be new to you.  It has been used in these products for hundreds of years and is still common today.

Benefits of Bay Rum Essential Oil

Benefits of Bay Rum Essential Oil

One of the most sought after benefits of bay rum is its ability to promote better circulatory health.  This includes promoting better digestion and healthy nerve function.  Bay rum has also been linked to reducing cellulite through improved blood flow.

When I am mixing any hair care product for my husband, I like to add a little bay rum for hair growth.  The increased blood flow to the scalp will help provide more blood to the roots and promote hair growth.  This is why you can find bay rum essential oil in aftershave and hair tonics.

Another great benefit of bay rum is that it relaxes your nervous system.  This makes it a great sedative for those that need help relaxing and sleeping.  I love to mix bay rum essential oils with something citrus to make a perfect diffuser blend to fall asleep to.

Bay rum in the West Indies

Uses of Bay Rum

Because it promotes better circulatory health, bay rum makes for great message oil.  It is great for those that are struggling with joint pain, arthritis, or muscle soreness.  Mix a few drops with a carrier oil like grapeseed oil and you will have a warming massaging oil with a great masculine scent.

As we discussed in the section about the benefits of bay rum essential oils, this oil is very common in hair tonics.  You can also add a few drops to your shampoo to help improve hair growth.  You can even create a great hair oil mixture if you like to use hair oils.

Bay rum essential oil is often mixed with eucalyptus oil and acts as a decongestant.  I use it in my humidifier when the kids get sick and it does wonders for clearing up nasal passages.  You can even add this mixture to a carrier oil and apply it to your child’s chest like Vick’s vapor rub for the same effect.

Another one of my favorite uses for bay rum oil is in aftershave.  My husband is one of the few guys left on Earth who uses aftershave when he is done shaving his face.  Bay rum is the perfect additive for aftershave because of its masculine smell and antiseptic properties.

What Does Bay Rum Mix Well With?

I love to mix banana fragrance oil with anything that shares its tropical smell.  My thoughts are that you should take advantage of what you have, and banana is about as tropical as it can get.  Here are a few fragrances I blend it with:

  • Coconut
  • Pineapple
  • Vanilla
  • Mango
  • Kiwi
  • Kaffir lime

For those of you that are looking to mix this fragrance with other tropical options, we suggest that you check out this tropical fragrance oil set.  It has everything that you might want if you want to create a tropical scent.

The Benefits of Bay Rum Essential Oil

A Few Precautions

Since we know that banana oil is always at least partially synthetic, make sure that you are not ingesting or taking this essential oil orally for any reason.  This product is designed for scent only, so make sure that you keep that in mind. Of course, you can also dilute banana oil and use it topically as well.

What do you use banana essential oil for?  I would love to hear if I am missing out on anything awesome!

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