What Are The Best Carrier Oils?

//What Are The Best Carrier Oils?

What Are The Best Carrier Oils?

Just like the name suggests, carrier oils are made out of plants, and they help to carry essential oils deep into the skin. Essential oils are highly volatile. If left on the skin for few seconds, they will start evaporating hence less will be absorbed into the body. But, with the help of the best carrier oils, you can mix them so that they can assist in dissolving the essential oils deep into the skin.

Unlike essential oils, carrier oils do not have the strong smell and are less volatile hence they help you to enjoy the good smell of essential oils while carrying them deep into your skin. There are several carrier oils available out there, but here is my list of the best carrier oils on the market in 2017:

Coconut Carrier Oil

The carrier oils are fractionated coconut oils with grape seed. They come in four bottles assuring you peace of mind when applying essential oils. There are several plant ingredients used to make the carrier oils. They perform very well on different skins. Some of the benefits of using the essential oils include the following:

100% Pure Base or Carrier Oil

You should check whether the oils are pure carrier in nature. The essential oil bottles are 100% pure base. They are made out of plant ingredients which make them highly effective in carrying the essential oils deep into your skin for maximum effect.

Absorbs into skin at average speed

The oils absorb into the skin at an average speed leaving an oily feel on your skin. If you have dry skin, it can be the best choice for you.

2. Fractionated Coconut Oil USA Premium Therapeutic Grade 16 Ounce Liquid Carrier Oil

It is top carrier oil on my list. The carrier oil comes with several features which make it among the best carrier oils. Apart from receiving bottles of carrier oils, upon buying the products you receive a free pump dilution guide so that you can get it right from the start. The bottle is made out of UV rays protection materials ensuring the oils are in good condition for long.

Loaded with key ingredients

After you buy the fractionated carrier oil, you enjoy key ingredients such as medium chain triglycerides, vitamins nutrients, and antioxidants. The oil is light hence it will not clog pores or stain sheets.

Great gentle plant based moisturizer

If you have sensitive skin, the oil can be the best for you to apply on face. It stimulates nail and hair growth for great beauty.

3. Carrier Oil Gift Set Coconut Oil – Castor Oil – Grapeseed Oil – Avocado Oil & Sweet Almond Oil

The carrier oil is made out of a combination of different plant oils which make it a great addition to your list of best carrier oils. For instance, avocado oil is rich in various vitamins such as A, E and K. The oil can penetrate deep into the skin hence restoring skin elasticity. It is also effective in restoring the health of your hair.

Castor oil

The oil is beneficial for those struggling with hair health. It can restore hair health and well as healing damaged skin.

Grape seed oil

The seeds are rich in fatty acids. The acids encourage regeneration of skin cells which are essential in keeping your skin youthful. It can as well reduce the appearance of cuts and cure itchy scalps. The oil is used in deep conditioners due to its properties. The fatty acids are very effective in encouraging the rejuvenation process of the skin cells.

4. Sweet Almond Oil Natural Carrier Oil

The oil comes in a 4 oz bottle. It has properties such as cleansing and making your skin tone even. Due to the unique combination of the oil ingredients, it can suit all types of skin. After buying your essential oil, you should think about buying the carrier oils. It is the best carrier oil you can buy to achieve great success in your application of essential oils.

Cleansing & Detoxifying properties

The sweet almond oil can penetrate deep into the skin to dislodge debris and dirt. If hair follicles and dirt has accumulated in the skin pores, the oil plays a great role in removing them. Vitamin A in the oil helps in preventing flare-ups and blackheads.

Evens skin tone

The oil contains niacinamide which is effective in lightening skin pigmentation. If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, the oil can be an excellent treatment for your spots. It is also effective in treating sun tans, age spots, eye cycles among other skin blemishes.

Treatment for troubled skin

Apart from being the best carrier oil, it is also an excellent treatment for irritated and dry skin. For those suffering from inflamed skin, it can as well help. The anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent treatment for psoriasis.

5. Viva Naturals Sweet Almond Oil, Hexane Free for Skin and Hair

There are several factors which make the oil among the best carrier oils. The oil is unscented, undiluted and has no added ingredients. Even if you have the most sensitive skin, it is the best carrier oils for you to apply in your essential oil application process. Some of the benefits of buying the oil include the following:

Top Grade Almonds used

There are some almonds which may be bitter. But, in the making of the oils, the manufacturers chose the best sweetest almond oils. It provides a source of vitamin E and phytosterols for you to achieve a radiant and youthful complexion.

Skin & Hair Softener

Apart from acting as the best carrier oils, it can as well be applied to soften your skin and hair for maximum beauty. Other applications of the oil include natural makeup remover, and aromatherapy uses. In the aromatherapy uses, it plays a great role after you add it to your essential oils. It makes the oils penetrate into the skin offering you the health benefits you deserve.

Do you have another recommendation for the best carrier oils?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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