The Best Uses and Benefits of Cistus Essential Oil

//The Best Uses and Benefits of Cistus Essential Oil

The Best Uses and Benefits of Cistus Essential Oil

If you told me that you have never seen or heard of cistus essential oil, I would not be surprised.  This essential oil is extracted from the cistus plant through steam distillation.  Historically, its scent has be used for centering and meditation.

Cistus is a type of flowering plant that is common on ted dry and rocky soils found near the equator.  They are perennial growers and are very commonly cultivated for garden user.  You may also here this plant referred to as “rockrose”, “rose of Sharon”, or “labandum”.

The name originates from the Greek word “kistos”, which means “evergreen shrub” in English.  You will find references to the use of cistus in history books as far back as they can go.   Many believe that this sticky gum was combined with goat hair to produce the fake beards that ancient Egyptian pharaohs would wear to certain events.

Before we were using cistus essential oil, shepherds were using the gum that the plant produces for therapeutic applications.  They discovered the sticky substance in the sheep’s wool from when they were grazing the fields that contained this plant.  They would need to comb it out of the sheep and goats and discard the substance before they realized its great uses.

Small group of cistus flowers

Benefits of Cistus Essential Oil

  • Anti-Aging Qualities – Cistus Essential oil is well known for its ability to slow your skin from suffering the effects of aging.  The oil does a great job of tightening the skin when applied, preventing wrinkles from forming.  It also helps reduce the appearance of any scar tissue you my have.
  • Antibacterial – As the shepherds originally discovered, Cistus does a great job fighting infections on small cuts and scrapes.  It also does a great job fighting internal infections of inhaled in safe dosage.  Cistus does especially well in helping fight respiratory infections, such as bronchitis.
  • Improves Circulation – You can even use this oil to help improve circulation.  Mix with your favorite carrier oil and apply to the affected area and watch it work wonders.
  • Anti-Fungal – Studies have shown that extracts of cistus plants are a great way to fight Botrytis cinerea spores.  This are the spores that are responsible for grey mold in crops.
  • Uplifting – Many believe that cistus essential oil works wonders in relaxing your mind and calming your nerves.  This can work great to remove negative thoughts from your life and bring you back to a place of peace and serenity.
Ground up dried cistus

Uses of Cistus Essential Oil

  1. Fight Arthritis Pain – Mix cistus essential oil with your favorite carrier oil and apply the mixture to any area affected by arthritis.  The mixture will help alleviate some of the pain.
  2. Heal Skin – This oil has long been used to help heal skin, especially for those that suffer from skin disorders that have the opposite effect.  It works wonders for those that have been diagnose with psoriasis, eczema, and other issues that cause dry skin.  Mix cistus, other essential oils, and coconut oil to create a skin cream that could make all the difference.
  3. If you care looking to heal a wound, such as a scrape, cut, or burn, cistus can go a long way for you.  Mix this oil with a carrier oil and apply the mixture to the affected area to help the injury recover faster.
  4. Help With Autoimmune Issues – If you suffer from autoimmune problems, cistus oil could help fight off infections before they occur.  Use a cold mist humidifier to diffuse the oil into the air to fight off germs that could cause problems if inhaled.
  5. Relieves Abdominal Pain – In ancient Rome, they used cistus gun to help relieve abdominal pain caused by menstruation.  Not that we have made advancements in how we extract this oil, we can use the more concentrated essential oil version more effectively.  The most common way to take advantage of this, being one of the most popular uses of cistus essential oil, is to mix about 10 drops into a warm bath and soak.
  6. Fight The Flu! – During the flu season, I like to add this essential oil to my favorite diffuser and let it run through the night.  It does a great hob at fighting off the germs that can give you the flu, which knocks me out for at least a week!
  7. Minimizing Hemorrhoids – Because this oil does a great job as reducing inflammation, it can be used to minimize the inflammation of hemorrhoids.  Add a few drops of cistus to warm water and use it as a sitz bath for best results.
  8. Heal Upper Respiratory Problems – This essential oils ability to help fight infection makes it great for those suffering from upper respiratory issues, such as a cough or bronchitis.  Mix a few drops with your favorite carrier oil and apply to your chest before going to sleep.  This will make you inhale the mixture throughout the night for long-lasting affects.
A cistus flower soaking in the sun

Common Blends

As with most oils, cistus essential oil mixes very well with a select group of oils.  You may find that it fits best with scents that are similar in scent and/or use.  Here are my favorite 5 oils to combine when I am using cistus in my home.

  • Chamomile
  • Cinnamon
  • Lavender
  • Oakmoss
  • Sandalwood


You can consider this essential oil very safe to use in small dosages.  Though you should not ingest this oil without first consulting a physician.

Those who are pregnant or nursing should also avoid using essential oils without first consulting a physician.  Some oils may have negative effects on those who are under 6 years old and you should always keep them out of the reach of any children.


Cistus essential oil is not a very commonly used oil but it can be very useful under the correct conditions. I like to add it in small amounts to some of my larger mixtures, considering it my secret weapon.  It works very well in healing both the body and soul.

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