The Great Benefits and Uses of Cocoa Essential Oil

//The Great Benefits and Uses of Cocoa Essential Oil

The Great Benefits and Uses of Cocoa Essential Oil

This evergreen tree has long provided health benefits to people across the world. In fact, this tree is so beneficial that you can use the cocoa essential oil, cocoa beans, and even the cocoa leaves for different benefits.

Native to Central America, the Cocoa tree grows wild along riverbanks where they thrive in the high amount of moisture.  They can grow up to 24 feet tall and produce large pods full of cocoa beans.  Those beans are what we use to produce chocolate, cocoa powder, and confectionery.

For thousand of years, cocoa beans were even used as the major currency system in Mesoamerican civilizations.  Records show that the Aztec empire even received 980 loads of cocoa as a yearly tribute from local tribes.  Each of those load contained exactly 8,000 beans for a total tribute of 7,840,000 beans a year!

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It is believed that Christopher Columbus brought these beans back with him to Europe where they are relatively popular to this day. Europeans use the leaves and oils on a regular basis.

The anti-allergic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-carcinogenic qualities of  cocoa essential oil, can have a great effect on your life.  Below are just some of the benefits and uses of cocoa essential oil.

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Benefits of Cocoa Essential Oil

  • Antioxidant capacity – Research conducted; found that cocoa possesses a high level of oxidant activity in comparison with some other essential oils as they all have different contents. The great quantity of antioxidant helps in the neutralization of the oxygen based free radicals on the body. Additionally, cocoa is rich in flavonoids and phenolic phytochemicals
  • wound healing – Cocoa is rich in therapeutic as well as wound healing properties. You can often find this oil in the production of various medicinal products. These cocoa features are vital in the preventing emergence of different body infections. It is helpful in clearing and keeping away organisms that lead to wound rotting and smell. It eradicates body bacteria known as Helicobacter pylori.
  • Skin care – Cocoa essential has been found to be critical in nourishing the skin to look healthy. Research conducted revealed that it helps in the prevention of direct U.V rays. It is also recommendable for use in the reduction of skin roughness. Usage of cocoa essential oils on the skin has been seen to enhance skin elasticity, density as well as hydration. Due to these benefits, cocoa is a common ingredient in many skin care products because of its skin repairing quality.
  • Sweet aroma –  Cocoa essential oil has a sweet smell that makes it more attractive. It stimulates one’s idea to diffuse it making it stand out. The scent lasts for the day leaving one refreshed and comfortable. With cocoa essential oil, you do not need a deodorant, or body spray as it serves both purposes.
A big cocoa pod cut in half filled with cocoa beans

Uses of Cocoa Essential Oil

  1. Making fragrance – A combination of cocoa and alcohol may be used as a fragrance as the mixture gives it a nearly perfect smell like any other body perfume. A blend of cocoa essential oils with other essential oils leaves an attractive smell.
  2. Used as massage oil – The healing power of the cocoa essential oil makes it helpful in relieving pain during the massage. Its aroma leaves the body feeling refreshed after the massage. There is evidence that cocoas smell increases libido and when inhaled brings a feeling of relaxation, serenity, and calmness. Massage is an excellent way to let stress away.
  3. Used in detoxification – You can also use Cocoa oils  for the rejuvenation of the body, making it clear and clean. Detoxification is vital for one’s health. It makes you eliminate the harmful substances from the body. This essential oil is jam packed with antioxidants that help the body drive out the unwanted elements.
  4. Clear, healthy and toned skin – Cocoa oil is great for attaining a smooth and blemish less and evenly toned skin. An elastic skin helps one become confident and brings a feeling of self-worth. It does away with wrinkles and loose skin, thus helps in relieving stress which is another key contributor to the unclear and rough skin.
  5. Healing cracked feet – The cocoa essential oil is helpful in promoting healing of cracked feet. Your Cracked feet are associated with different causes and may be painful. Some experience bleeding of the cracks and hence may be uncomfortable. For best results, you can soak your feet in warm water to get rid of the dead cells.  Then you can apply cocoa oil and then put on socks, especially overnight. Repeating this for several nights and wearing closed shoes will guarantee excellent results.

This Oil is Commonly Blended With

Each essential oil has a group of other oils that people will suggest that you combine with.  Cocoa has a very specific scent, and mixes great with scents that have a kick to them.  Here are my top 5 favorite essential oils to mix with cocoa”

  • Almond
  • Vanilla
  • Peppermint
  • Cinnamon
  • Geranium
A big bag of cocoa beans

Fun Facts About Cocoa

  • There are about 400 cocoa beans in a single pound of chocolate.
  • Cocoa trees are planted against large trees that will protect them from direct sun.
  • The soil that the cocoa tree is planted in effects the flavor of the cocoa, much like whine.
  • Every step of cocoa production, from planting to harvesting and preparing, is done by hand.
  • Cacao is the product made from cocoa.
  • The Swiss consume the largest volume of chocolate per person at a whopping 22 pounds each.
  • The ancient Mayan’s first discovered the health benefits of cocoa beans in the year 600 AD.
  • Christopher Columbus brought cocoa beans home from his 4th trip around the world, in 1502.
  • Cocoa was first exported to Europe in 1585.
  • The first chocolate bar was created in 1848.
  • The first US chocolate house was established in Dorchester, Ma.
  • Cocoa trees don’t produce their first pods for 3 years, at the earliest.
  • National Cocoa Day occurs on December 13th every year.
  • The world produces over 3 million tons of cocoa each year.


As with any essential oil, it is highly recommended that you only use cocoa oil for external uses.  While you could be safe using this oil for limited internal use, not enough testing has been do to recommend that it is perfectly safe.  It is also important that you always start with small amounts to ensure you will not have an adverse reaction before using large amounts of any essential oil.


With the richness of cocoa essential oils, you can enjoy its uncountable benefits and take advantage of its uses. The best thing with cocoa essential oils is that it has an excellent aroma as it almost smells like a chocolate bar.  That might be because it literally is the main ingredient in chocolate!

Its health benefits leave it one of the best essential oils in the world. When purchasing these oils, you should carefully read the package because there are fake products that are similar to the natural cocoa oil.

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