The Benefits and Uses of Cucumber Essential Oil

//The Benefits and Uses of Cucumber Essential Oil

The Benefits and Uses of Cucumber Essential Oil

Ever wondered where how the adage “as cool as a cucumber came about?” It is a scientific fact that cucumbers are 20 degrees cooler than the surrounding air. Now imagine all of the benefits and uses of cucumber essential oil that you can capture with that!

Cucumbers belong to the same botanical family as watermelons and provide immense nutritional value both internally and externally. They are believed to have originated from India years ago and existed in the ancient civilizations of Rome, Egypt, and Greece before spreading out to the world. Back then, they were used not only as fruits, but they also treated more than 30 conditions such as blurred vision, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

There are hundreds of different types of cucumbers, some more popular than others.  You can find them in all different shapes and sizes.  For the most part, we eat the larger varieties and turn the smaller ones into pickles.

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Cucumber seed oil contains a remarkable amount of nutrients that make it a vital ingredient in personal care formulations, cosmetic applications, moisturizing soaps, skin care creams and hair products. Oil from the cucumber fruit is extracted through a cold press process to obtain high mineral content.

Cucumber essential oil has an extensive range of refreshing benefits, as listed in this post.

Benefits of Cucumber Essential Oil

Benefits of Cucumber Essential Oil

Amazing skin benefits – Cucumber oil is rich in vitamin B1 and C, which help to detoxify the skin’s pores. You can use it as a deep cleanser, removing dirt and harmful toxins from the skin. When combined with carrot seed oil, it is a great anti-oxidant for the skin. Its antioxidant properties help to slow down the skin aging process. The omega-6 fatty acids in the oil make it useful for treating dry skin problems such psoriasis and eczema. Additionally, cucumber oil can stimulate the production of collagen, the protein that gives structure to your skin. Apply cucumber oil every day for healthy skin.

Anti-inflammatory qualities – Cucumber essential oil is beneficial in the treatment of conditions caused by inflammation. It does this by suppressing the function of pro-inflammatory enzymes within the body. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is effective in treating arthritis as well as bone and muscle swelling problems. Applied in combination with coconut oil and almond oil, cucumber oil helps to alleviate joint pains caused by this swelling. Additionally, this oil can help you treat fungal infections like athlete’s foot.

Hair benefit – Cucumber essential oil is rich in minerals like sulfur and silica, which boost hair growth and strengthen the hair roots. Due to its moisturizing properties, the oil nourishes and hydrates hair and as a result prevents flaky scalps, dryness, and dandruff. It also protects your hair from breakage. Add five drops of cucumber essential oil to your shampoo to prevent your hair from getting too dry and brittle.

A bowl of ripe cucumbers

Uses of Cucumber Essential Oil

As a laxative – This oil is a natural cure for constipation, due to its laxative properties. It treats digestive problems, stomachaches, bladder complications and even ulcers. If you have been struggling with ulcers, add five drops of Cucumber oil to a cup of cucumber juice to soothe your discomfort whenever the pains start.

To eliminate sunburns – The cooling effect of cucumber oil is a natural and rejuvenating way to treat sunburns after a long day out in the sun. Due to its anti-inflammatory property, it helps to stop bleeding associated with inflammation, soothe irritated skin and prevent sunburns from worsening. Combine a few drops of cucumber oil with a carrier oil and gently apply it to your skin.

Oily skin – Cucumber essential oil helps reduce the production of sebum to maintain the oil balance of your skin. Add a few drops of cucumber oil to a carrier oil and gently rub it over your face. It will hydrate and moisturize your skin without making it oily. Please note that over-cleansing can take away the natural oil from your skin and trigger unwarranted sebum production, so use this oil in moderation.

As a moisturizer – Cucumber oil has properties that are believed to help you restore your skin’s moisture levels and maintain it’s proper balance. Mix it with olive oil to rejuvenate your skin and keep it looking radiant. Remember to wash it off properly as it can cause negative reactions if left on the skin for too long. Use lukewarm water to rinse it off because hot water is extremely drying.


Despite being a natural substance, we do not recomen cucumber essential oil for everyone. To some people, it causes allergic reactions like swelling of the lips, eye irritation, and tongue inflammation. It is advisable to try the oil on a small patch of the skin, to check for reactions before using it across the body.

Ripe Picked Cucumbers


Cucumbers have provided us immense benefits since the days of our ancient ancestors. Through the use of the essential oil, it will continue to do so!

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