Difference between Rose and Rose Geranium Essential Oil

//Difference between Rose and Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Difference between Rose and Rose Geranium Essential Oil

There is a difference between rose and rose geranium essential oil. These oils are created from two different plants. The name may be confusing, but the plants belong to two different families which make the two essential oils different. Most of the health benefits associated with the two oils are much the same. This may be the reason why they are mostly confused to mean the same essential oils. There are also some essential oils which are made out of the combination of the two flowers.

The therapeutic and other traits of the two flowers may be the same, but if you access the raw flowers, they have the different appearance. If you are looking for the best flower for you to apply in the aromatherapy, the two flowers can work well for you. But, you should know they are different, and the difference lies in different traits of the two flowers. Here are some of the features which can make you understand the difference between the rose and rose geranium essential oil:

Botanical Profile of Rose

There are several species of rose flowers out there. But, only two of the rose types are applied in the aromatherapy uses. The rose flowers utilized in aromatherapy applications include Damask rose, and cabbage rose. Damask rose is referred to as (Rosa damascena), and cabbage rose is referred to as (Rosa centifolia). Most people believe all roses are fragrance, but the truth is that not all rose flowers are fragrance. The two rose flowers used in aromatherapy belong to the Rosaceae plant family. The type of rose flowers available can vary on different aspects depending on the place where they are grown as well as the species. There are others which have fewer petals, with pinnate leaves, five sepals and even those with prickles. It can be a small bush or even a climber. Some roses are even miniature trees.

Beautiful geraniums in the wild

Therapeutic Benefits of Roses

Rose has been used over a long period due to their therapeutic properties. Ancient Egyptians used roses for skin care. Romans applied roses lavishly for banquets, parties, and other cosmetic purposes. There are also several French queens in history who are remembered to adore roses. They possess aphrodisiac properties, and that is why you will notice the demand of roses going up during Valentine season.

Uses of roses nowadays

Nowadays you can find essential oils made out of roses in many sellers. There are several benefits associated with the use of rose essential oils. Some of the benefits of applying roses in your essential oils include the following:


Treat digestive complaints

People who suffer from digestive complaints can rely on the essential oils made out of roses to achieve relief. The oils have active ingredients which can suit people suffering from the digestive problems.

Menstrual disorders

If you suffer from menstrual disorders, regular application of essential oils with rose flower extracts can help. Several people apply the oils in their alternative health care, and they have achieved great success. It brings a suiting environment which is very helpful in getting rid of menstrual pains and other health complications.

Managing Fever

Inhaling the refreshing aroma of essential oils made out of rose flowers can be a great deal if you suffer from fever. The roses have active ingredients which play a great role in helping you get rid of different heath complications which may be the real cause of your fever. People also develop less fevers when using essential oils rich in rose extracts.

Getting rid of skin problems

The extracts from rose flowers have necessary ingredients which can help you get rid of different skin problems. You can use essential oils and a carrier oil to apply on your skin, and it will penetrate deep to help you get rid of different skin complications which may be affecting you.  This oil combines perfectly with mango essential oil.

Headaches and tension

If you suffer from headaches and anxiety, you can relief your tension through the application of the roses. There are several health benefits you enjoy after you decide to involve the roses in your aromatherapy applications. They play a significant role in helping you get rid of poor blood circulation, insomnia, stress among other health complications. The use of rose extracts is extensive but lets go over the difference between rose and rose geranium essential oil now.

geranium has different appearances and belongs to a different family

Rose geranium

Although rose geranium has different appearances and belongs to a different family, the plant has health benefits similar to the above rose benefits when applied in aromatherapy. Some of the features which make the rose geranium different from rose flower include the following:

Botanical Profile of Rose Geranium

Pelargonium graveolens is the botanical name for the rose geranium. It belongs to Geraniaceae family. It is a perennial shrub which has pointy and serrated leaves. Geranium produces pink aromatic flowers. There are several species of the plant available just like the rose flower.

Therapeutic Benefits of Rose Geranium

The plant has medicinal uses such as treating inflammation. If you suffer from inflammation, you can apply the plant for you to achieve relief. People even use  this oil over an extended period to get rid of inflammation and other health complications. The price of the application is straightforward, you just massage on the area with inflammation, and it will work wonders. Just like Roses, this oil can help with menstrual difficulties as well as treatment of hemorrhoids. Other uses of the oils similar to the extracts from rose include treatment of stress, skin care, and improvement of blood circulation.

Pricing of the rose and rose geranium essential oil

When comparing the pricing of pure rose essential oil and rose geranium essential oil, you will discover pure rose essential oil is highly priced, unlike rose geranium. Due to the high pricing of pure rose essential oils, many manufacturers use rose geranium essential oil for adulteration purposes. It is necessary for you to check the type of essential oil you are about to buy. If it is pure rose essential oil bottle, then you may have to pay more. There are also blends of the two plants which have significant therapeutic properties.

If you have any other input on the difference between rose and rose geranium essential oil, please let me know if the comment section below.

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