How Using Essential Oils for Fibromyalgia Can Be Effective

//How Using Essential Oils for Fibromyalgia Can Be Effective

How Using Essential Oils for Fibromyalgia Can Be Effective

Before we talk about some of the essential oils for fibromyalgia, let’s go over some of the cause and effects of this painful condition. Fibromyalgia, also known as fibrositis or myofascial pain syndrome, is a chronic disorder characterized by widespread pain in muscles, bones, and areas of tenderness. Light pressure causes pain to the trigger points (the body parts where the person affected perceives the pain). The common trigger points are; hips, back of the head, elbows, shoulders, and upper chest.

Fibromyalgia may also exhibit other symptoms like general fatigue, stiffness, swelling, anxiety, memory problems, headache, depression, a dull pain in the lower abdomen, inability to focus, sleep disorders and mood issues.

Researchers believe that fibromyalgia is a brain condition that alters the way the brain interprets pain signals thereby exaggerating painful sensations and reducing the pain threshold.

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Who Is Effected?

Research also shows that there are higher chances for women to develop fibromyalgia than there are for men. According to research carried out by the American College of Rheumatology, fibromyalgia affects 2-4% of the population. Up-to 90% of the affected are women.

Studies show that sometimes the symptoms begin after surgery, physical trauma, an infection, or stress. However, there are cases where the symptoms develop slowly over time without the triggering events.

Fibromyalgia is very stressing to those affected because it is hard to adjust to indefinite pains. The aches make people with fibromyalgia prone to depression as there is currently no known cure for the condition. The victims, therefore, have to develop coping techniques for the pain and the frustration it brings about.

Some coping mechanisms that can be employed include exercise, relaxation, aromatherapy, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, physiotherapy, getting enough sleep, massage therapy, and other stress-reduction measures.  If you do your research, you can also use essential oils for fibromyalgia to help cope with the pain.

Victims can benefit from regular use of essential oils to make the condition bearable. Essential oils help manage pain and relieve stress. Hence the affected persons can carry on with their day to day life without relying on over the counter pain relievers, which may have negative side effects with prolonged usage.

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The commonly recognized oils for fibromyalgia management are as follows:

  1. Rosemary Essential oil

Rosemary essential oil is an extract of the Rosemary herb, which is native to the Mediterranean. It possesses strong analgesic properties that help ease the pain caused by fibromyalgia. It is also a brain tonic that helps people with the condition relax and focus.

The woody fragrance of rosemary essential oil helps improve memory. Memory lapse is a major challenge for people with fibromyalgia. The oils scent also helps in boosting nerve growth and assisting brain function.

  1. Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is among the best known therapeutic oils. The oil possesses anti-inflammatory, calming and analgesic properties. It reduces the swelling caused by fibromyalgia and improves blood circulation. It is, therefore, one of the best essential oils for fibromyalgia to ease the symptoms of the condition.

Using lavender essential oil as a massage oil for the affected relieves pain for up to seven days. The oil’s aroma is perfect for the relief of the mental symptoms like; memory loss, stress, anxiety, and poor concentration, caused by the condition.

  1. Black pepper essential oil

Black pepper essential oil ranks high among the best oils for muscle aches and pains. It is a natural painkiller, warming and it improves blood circulation. It is effective for people whose fibromyalgia symptoms include stiffness. The oil comes in handy in preventing exercise pains and reducing stiffness.

The oil is also a diuretic and natural detoxifier. It increases urination and sweating hence flushing out toxins. Black pepper essential oil is a natural energizer. It thereby helps with chronic fatigue symptoms caused by fibromyalgia.

The oil is a relaxant and using it in aromatherapy helps ease out anxiety and depression.

  1. Ginger essential oil

Ginger essential oil is an extract from the ginger root. It is a natural pain reliever that that eases muscle spasms, and remedies muscle aches. Using ginger essential oil in massage therapy helps boost blood circulation hence easing out chronic fatigue and joint stiffness associated with fibromyalgia.

Using ginger essential oil as a room diffuser helps relieve headaches and migraines.

  1. Thyme Essential oil

Thyme is an herb that is popular for culinary, medicinal and cosmetic purposes. It promotes health and well-being. It is a mind and circulatory system tonic. Thyme essential oil is reviving, and it strengthens the immune system. It is an analgesic that helps relieve joint and muscle pain due to its warming action on the body.

The oil is effective in reducing the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, regulating blood pressure, easing anxiety and nervousness, helps fight insomnia and triggers the removal of toxins from the body.

Thyme essential oil is, therefore, useful in the management of fibromyalgia as most of these characteristics are exhibited by the affected. Flushing out toxins improves performance because the accumulation of toxins aggravates the condition by worsening chronic fatigue.

  1. Marjoram essential oil

Marjoram essential oil is an extract from the flowering heads of marjoram. The plant itself is native to India, but it is cultivated all over Europe. The small sub-shrub was believed to be sacred in India and ancient Egypt due to its potency in uplifting the general mood and tranquility.

The oil has potent antispasmodic properties that help reduce muscle spasms brought about by fibromyalgia. Marjoram essential oil is a relaxant that helps with fatigue, anxiety, high blood pressure, and indigestion among many others.

The oil is also a sedative and generates a happy feeling. It is therefore effective in calming people who might be struggling with trauma and shock.

  1. Eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is an excellent remedy for poor blood circulation. Poor blood flow contributes to the well-known symptoms of fibromyalgia like; soreness, stiffness, and muscle aches. Poor blood flow also leads to a toxin accumulation in the soft tissues, thereby increasing the chances of fibromyalgia flare ups.

Eucalyptus essential oil greatly enhances blood flow thereby improving the blood supply, flushing out toxins. Ample oxygen supply to cells helps reduce fatigue and soreness.

  1. Cypress essential oil

Women suffering from fibromyalgia may get worse pains during their menstruation. The condition will aggravate the cramps. Cypress essential oil can be an excellent remedy at such a time because it reduces the pain by enhancing blood circulation which reduces fatigue and tension. It will also help curb emotional upsets.

Cypress essential oil is a natural sedative, and it encourages a calm and relaxed feeling when used topically or aromatically. The oil is helpful for people with insomnia, stress, anxiety, shock patients and people trying to overcome a traumatic experience.

You can use this oil as a room diffuser or added into bath water.  Either way you chose to use it, it is one of the most effective essential Oils for Fibromyalgia.

  1. Juniper essential oil

Juniper essential oil is an extract from the juniper needles and berries. The oil has a sweet woodsy scent, and it has a high flavonoids and antioxidants concentration, hence fights off free radical damage. The oil is therefore excellent in detoxification and enhancing a restful sleep, making it a great essential oils for fibromyalgia.

Juniper essential oil is effective for muscle pain, joint aches, and bones pain. Soaking in a juniper essential oil bath calms the nerves and significantly reduces pain. The oil is therefore perfect for fibromyalgia as these are among the major symptoms. Juniper essential oil is also highly effective when used as a massage oil.

The fragrance of juniper essential oil enables you to fall asleep faster by soothing the mind. It is most effective when used as a nasal inhaler before bedtime.

  1. Pepper mint essential oil

Peppermint is a hybrid species between water mint and spearmint. The plant is native to Europe and widely used by Chinese, Japanese and Greeks in medicine.

Pepper mint essential oil greatly helps improve concentration while reducing fatigue. It is an antispasmodic and a potent analgesic that helps relieve joint pains, muscle aches, and soft tissue pain when topically applied.

The oil is also effective for relief of headaches when applied to temples, diffused, or when the affected person directly inhales the fragrance from the bottle. The scent of peppermint essential oil also helps curb anxiety. 

  1. Jasmine essential oil

The oil is an extract from the Jasmine flower through steam distillation. The scent is alluring, romantic and nerve calming.

Jasmine essential oil is an effective antispasmodic capable of inhibiting the restless leg syndrome. It is also a sedative that can help someone with fibromyalgia relax and find a restful sleep. A restful sleep is crucial to people with this condition as it helps alleviate the symptoms.

Jasmine essential oil is suitable for aromatherapy and massage therapy. You can use it as a massage oil as well as a room diffuser.  If you don’t own a room diffuser, check out my review of the best diffusers on the market right now!

  1. Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil is an extract from the widely known rose flower. The oil is excellent in aromatherapy as it is an antidepressant and helps get a restful sleep by curbing insomnia. Direct inhalation of the oil’s fragrance or using it in an electric room diffuser could help remedy the mental and emotional symptoms of fibromyalgia.

  1. Ylang ylang essential oil

Ylang ylang essential oil can help regulate high blood pressure and promote relaxation. The oils fragrance boosts the overall mood. People with fibromyalgia may apply the oil on their wrists, inhale it directly from the bottle or in a handkerchief, or add it to bath water.

  1. Vetiver essential oil

Vetiver is a perennial grass also known as Khus. It is native to India, and it is popular in aromatherapy.

This oil has a very heavy, spicy, earthy scent. The scent makes it perfect for aromatherapy as it is nerve calming and balancing. The oil is antispasmodic, and it stimulates the circulatory system.

Vetiver essential oil is well known to boost energy levels, cool the body, induce sleep, and soothe anxiety. The oil is therefore very useful in managing fibromyalgia as these are among the most common symptoms of the condition.

The oil can be a great additive to soaps and lotion for use by people with fibromyalgia or utilized in a room diffuser due to its therapeutic scent. It can also be topically applied to reduce pains and spasms caused by the condition.

  1. Bergamot essential oil

The oil has a sweet citrusy scent that helps reduce stress and heal depression. The oil is useful both in massage therapy and aromatherapy. It promotes blood circulation when used in massage therapy, thereby relieving fatigue and joint stiffness.

In aromatherapy, direct inhalation of the oil or using it as a room diffuser could help uplift the mood and boost confidence.

  1. Clary sage essential oil

The oil is among the most recognized oils for soothing anxiety, reducing depression and improving the mood. Clary sage essential oil can, therefore, reduce the stress and anxiety brought about by fibromyalgia while used as a room diffuser thereby promoting relaxation.

Clary sage essential oil also relieves pain when topically applied to the trigger points. The oil also promotes restful sleep which is crucial to people with this condition. To reap the benefits of a peaceful sleep, apply 1-2 drops of clary sage essential oil on your pillow during bedtime. The scent will soothe you to fall asleep faster, making it one of my favorite essential oils for fibromyalgia.

  1. Basil essential oil

Basil essential oil is an extract of the basil herb that has been used for decades in Indian and Chinese medicine. It was also popular in ancient Egypt as a culinary herb. Currently, the use of basil in medicine and culinary arts has spread all over the world.

Basil essential oil is a natural analgesic. It relieves muscular and joint pain when used in massage therapy for people with fibromyalgia. The fragrance of basil essential oil is an effective remedy for insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

Basil essential oil is an excellent fatigue reliever. You can take advantage of this oil through a diffuser or by applying topically. The oil also passes for a good massage oil.

Suffering from neck pain from fibromyalgia

Closing Thoughts On Using Essential Oils For Fibromyalgia

Essential oils are indispensable when it comes to the management of fibromyalgia. They are natural remedies with no side effects. The above essential oils help curb the worrying symptoms of fibromyalgia as there is no known cure yet.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition and using essential oils could help with symptoms like general fatigue, stiffness, swelling, anxiety, memory problems, headache, depression, a dull pain in the lower abdomen, inability to focus, sleep disorders and mood issues.

These essential oils help remedy the condition because they improve blood circulation, thereby reducing fatigue, they relieve joint stiffness, swelling, and pains caused by fibromyalgia. The oils also help in emotional problems by helping people with the condition relax.

Using essential oils for fibromyalgia will also help alleviate possible depression by creating a relaxing environment. The oils help an affected person to lead a healthy life by reducing pain, fatigue, and anxiety.

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    I had fibromyalgia, and it was painful on some days. I took methocarbamol to relieve the pain. Sometimes it helps and other days it doesn’t. I had it for almost 16 years, there was no cure. So I had to live with it the best that I could. The symptoms I had were Muscle Pains, mood swings, and difficulty falling asleep.There has been little if any progress in finding a cure or reliable treatment. April this year my brother In law who’s an M.D suggested I started using essential oils, which eased my anxiety a bit. I don’t know where I would be without them! I have never been this Healthy!!

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