Top Uses And Benefits Of Immortelle Essential Oil

//Top Uses And Benefits Of Immortelle Essential Oil

Top Uses And Benefits Of Immortelle Essential Oil

Immortelle essential oil is one of the most traditional beauty treatments on the planet.  It has been studied and used for thousands of years.  You should be using this oil in all beautify recipes that you use, if you aren’t already.

As for the plant itself, this genus is a member of the sunflower family.  It consists of about 600 different species of flowering plants as of this writing. You may also here this plant species being refurred to as “helichrysum”.

You can find them in the form of annuals or perennials and can grow as tall as 3 feet.  They grow mostly in Africa, but can be found stretched across Madagascar and the Middle East as well.  They grow best in well-draining soils and very warm temperatures.

You can extract immortelle essential oil from the plant using steam distillation.  They are harvested just as they bloom and distilled right away.  You will extract more oil if you extract it just after they bloom.  Either way, it takes a lot of flowers to produce this oil.

It takes about a ton of flowers to produce just a liter of immortelle essential oil.  The result is a yellowish-red oil that is commonly used for its fragrance and rejuvenation benefits.  The best way I can describe the scent of this oil is by telling you to combine the smell of burnt sugar and ham.

Immortelle being turning into essential oil

Uses Of Immortelle Essential Oil

Prevent wrinkles – The powerful components of immortelle essential oil do a great job of slowing the production of wrinkles.  While it is imposable to stop the production of wrinkles entirely, keeping your skin smooth and tight will help slow the process.  You can add some of this oil to your face cream and take full advantage the benefits.

Covers and reduces blemishes – Because of its ability to reduce swelling, immortelle oil is a great thing to apply to blemishes.  Mix is with a good carrier oil and apply it directly to anything that you want to cover up and make disappear.

Reduce the appearance of scars – You can use this oil to repair damaged tissue and help encourage the growth of new healthy tissue.  This makes it the perfect essential oil for scars.  Mix a few drops of this into your favorite carrier oil and apply regularly for best results.

Wound protection – The combined ability to repair damaged tissue and prevent new microorganisms from forming means this oil is great for protecting new would.  Apply a few drops to the affected area for immediate results.  This oil will help your body form a scab faster so it can start recovering.

Immortelle flowers in full bloom

Benefits Of Immortelle Essential Oil

Anti-inflammatory – Studies have found that this oil contains ketones that effectively reduce inflammation.  I like to use this in any cream that I create to reduce swelling.  With three kids, I get a lot of use out of this oil!

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles – Living up to its name, immortelle essential oil does a great job at masking the presence of fine lines and wrinkles.  As I get older, I find myself adding more and more of this oil to the face creams and lotions I create.  I find that it works best on your neck and face!

Improved blood flow – Immortelle thins blood and contracts blood vessles at the same time.  This increases your blood flow.  Just another one of the great benefits of immortal essential oil that make it perfect for scars.

Antimicrobial – Recent studies have shown that this oil has strong antimicrobial promise.  It does a great job at killing and prevent growth of new microorganisms without much risk of damaging anything else.  Combing this benefit of immortelle essential oil with the fact that it helps repair damaged tissues, and you have a super oil for wounds.

Big field of Immortelle


I like to add a section to each of my articles with some recommendations for other essential oils that mix well with the oil we are talking about.  It could be a great blend because or scent or because of commonalities with the benefits.  Either way, it is good to know what each oil blends well with.  Here are my three favorite oils to mix with immortelle essential oil:

  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Rosehip


As with any essential oil, this one is designed for external use only.  While immortelle oil is viewed as very safe, you should not ingest any without first consulting a physician.

Do not use any essential oils while pregnant or nursing without consulting a doctor first.  Essential oils are very small molecules that can cross into your baby’s bloodstream very easily.  You want to make sure that this won’t have any negative side effects before something happens, rather than after.

It is considered safe to apply this oil directly to your skin undiluted.  That being said, you should test this on a small patch of skin to gauge your reaction first.  You don’t want to find that you are allergic after you have covered your entire body!


Immortelle essential oil is a very versatile oil that can do wonders for your skin.  Whether you are fighting blemishes, wrinkles, or scars, this oil can really do some good.  If can even be effective against new wounds so that you prevent them from scarring.  This is an essential oil that I get plenty of use out of in my house!

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