Amazing Benefits and Uses of Pineapple Essential Oil

//Amazing Benefits and Uses of Pineapple Essential Oil

Amazing Benefits and Uses of Pineapple Essential Oil

The pineapple is one of the most common fruits found in every country around the world. Before it found its way to our local grocery stores, the pineapple was one of those exotic fruits that could only be eaten by the wealthy at lavish banquets during the American colonial era.  Now you can find the fruit and pineapple essential oil just about anyone food or oils are sold.

A scarce, expensive and highly coveted fruit would be used to crown feasts at high social events. Thankfully, today you do not have to be rich and noble to devour this amazing fruit.

Besides being applied in the food industry to flavor a variety of foods, the pineapple is also utilized in the cosmetic industry to produce fragrance and essential oils. Its oil is extracted by cold pressing the fruit or its peels.

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Pineapple oil is used to add a fruity scent to perfumes and personal care products. This article explores the numerous benefits and uses of pineapple essential oil for your health, skin and hair.

Just to be clear, pineapple oil is not completely natural, meaning its not a true essential oil.  It is more a fragrance oil but it their are still benefits and uses that we will go over in the article.

Benefits Of Pineapple Essential Oil

Benefits Of Pineapple Essential Oil

Hair health – Pineapple is rich in vitamin C, which is essential for healthy hair growth. It also helps your hair look shiny. Pineapple also contains vitamins B1 and B6, responsible for the overall health of the hair. They contribute to reducing hair thinning and breakage. Massaging pineapple oil over your scalp can be useful in preventing hair loss. Regular application of pineapple oil is also beneficial for the people who struggle with suffering scalp inflammation. Additionally, it provides proper nourishment to the hair follicles, which improves the elasticity of the hair and makes it thick.

Anti-aging  – Pineapple is rich in antioxidants that provide anti-aging benefits. They also help to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines significantly. Due to this property, pineapple oil is a vital element in various anti-aging treatments. Pineapple oil deeply hydrates and renews dry skin without giving it an oily sheen. It provides long-lasting comfort and moisture renewal. Pineapple oil is also a natural exfoliator as helps in the removal of dry skin cells from our body. Slowing down the skin aging process using natural essential oils like pineapple is much better for your skin than exposing it to potentially dangerous prescription medication.

Acne treatment – Acne is caused mainly by the blocking of skin pores by impurities such as dirt, environmental pollutants, and excessive oil, among other factors. Pineapple oil is very beneficial in getting rid of acne caused by skin impurities because of the presence of antioxidants like vitamin C and the enzyme bromelain. The antioxidants fight these impurities and prevent them from causing further damage to the skin. Pineapple oil helps in the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

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Uses of Pineapple Essential Oil

To heel cracked feet – Pineapple oil is excellent for restoring cracked feet because of its exfoliating nature. Scrub it on your feet to shed off the dry and flaky skin for soft, smooth and radiant feet. Pineapple oil not only heals cracked heels but it also provides relief from the burning sensation and swelling caused by the cracks. Before using the oil, start by soaking your feet in warm water and use a pumice stone to scrub off the dead skin. Afterward, massage the pineapple oil onto your feet and put cotton socks to avoid getting dirty.

Dry skin – Dry skin often results in a flaky complexion. Pineapple oil helps balance the production and reabsorption of sebum to give your skin the much-needed glow. It also speeds up the exfoliation process and allows new healthy skin cells to emerge, reducing discoloration and age spots. Apply a few drops on your skin on a regular basis to soothe dry skin. Remember to dilute the pineapple oil with a carrier oil before application.

On brittle nails – Some nail care products can make our nails brittle. Hence, applying pineapple oil is necessary to nourish and strengthen them. The oil is rich in vitamins A and B complex, essential for the growth of healthy nails. The oil prevents them from drying out and heals the damaged cuticles. If you have dead skin around your cuticles, use pineapple essential oil to moisturize and hydrate for better-looking nails.

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What Other Oils To Mix It With

I personally like to mix pineapple with other tropical or sweet scents.  I like for my oil mixtures to take me away on a vacation in my head.  Here are a few examples of oils I like to mix with pineapple:

  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Sweet Orange
  • Bergamot
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Before any application, always ensure you dilute pineapple essential oil with a suitable carrier oil. Children and pregnant women should check with their medical practitioners before using essential oils on their skin.

Lastly, avoid exposure to direct sunlight whenever you apply pineapple essential oil. The UV rays make your skin more sensitive and may lead to skin irritations.


You would be crazy not to take advantage of all of the great benefits of pineapple essential oil.  I use it in all sorts of different recipes, especially in health and beauty products.  You can even add it to things that you have purchased off the shelf.

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