Uses and Benefits of Ravensara Essential Oil

//Uses and Benefits of Ravensara Essential Oil

Uses and Benefits of Ravensara Essential Oil

I believe that ravensara essential oil is one of the most underused and underrated oils on the market today.  This is a vital part of my oil kit and should definitely be a part of yours!  Before we go over all of the benefits and uses of this great oil, let’s quick review where they come from.

Ravensara is a family of trees and shrubs that are native to the island of Madagascar.  You can also find them growing sporadically on the Comoro Islands, but they are becoming less common.  Some of the species are becoming endangered while others are flourishing as global warming sets in.

What I love about this plant is that the bark, leaves, and the fruit all produce oils that have significant medicinal advantages.  The ravensara essential oil that we use here in the states comes from the leaves of the plant.  It is extracted through steam distillation.

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The residents of Madagascar consider this oil the “cure all plant” because of the wide variety of issues that it can help with.  They use this oil in the traditional medical system as a tonic to cure infections.  There days we have found numerous other medicinal benefits of ravensara essential oil.

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Benefits Of Ravensara Essential Oil

  • Anti-allergenic – This is one of my favorite benefits of ravensara essential oil.  It has the ability to gradually build up resistance against allergenic particle in the air and lessen the effects on your body.  I love to add a few drops of this oil to my diffuser in the spring when allergies are at their peak.
  • Analgesic – The properties of this essential oil make it a natural pain reliever.  You can use it as a natural pain reliever for things like headaches, toothaches, muscle pain, earaches, and any other generic pain.  Using this oil is like taking a natural Tylenol without the potentially nasty side effects.
  • Anti-bacterial – This essential oil is well known for its ability to wipe out entire colonies of microbes and bacteria.  It can be used to kill infections and stop new infections from forming at the same time.  Ravensara can be especially handy if you are suffering from food poisoning or cholera.
  • Anti-depressant – Another great use of this oil is fighting depression and anxiety.  It is known to boost your thoughts and feelings while uplifting your mood.  It is often systematically given to people suffering from chronic depression so that they can gradually improve their mood.
  • Anti-fungal – Just like its effects on bacterial, this oil does a number on fungi as well.  It will help kill and prevent further growth of fungus on your nose, head, nails, skin, and ears.
  • Expectorant – This means that it has the natural ability to loosen phlegm and respiratory congestion that are blocking your respiratory system.  This can be especially useful for those who are suffering from a cough, congestion, or asthma.  This essential oil is also a great weapon against snoring!

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Uses of Ravensara Essential Oil

  1. Cure spasms – If you are dealing with any side effects that stem from spasms, you should really give ravensara a try.  It can relax your muscles and help with the pulling pain, convulsions, cramps, breathlessness, and even diarrhea.
  2. Fights viral infections – While its anti-bacterial benefits allow this oil to fight infections, it also has the ability to rupture cysts and kill the infection inside.  This makes it great for fighting viruses like the flue, measles, mumps, and chicken pox.  That being said, I always suggest that you consult with a doctor first and make sure that your condition is not life threatening first!
  3. Preventing sepsis – If you have even dealt with sepsis, you know that it is no joke.  This can quickly turn a small infection into a huge deal if you do not take care of yourself.  This is especially dangerous in babies because their skin is so delicate that it can’t fight infections on its own.
  4. Luckily, ravensara essential oil can help fight the good fight.  It contains limonene and methyl, two components that can help kill the bacteria that causes sepsis.  It also has the ability to inhibit the growth of said bacteria.  In other words, this essential oil has the ability to save lives!
  5. Increases Libido – For those that suffer from this condition, ravensara happens to be a natural cure.  I won’t go into much more detail than that!
  6. Disinfecting – Because of its natural ability to kill and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus, this essential oil is a great disinfecting.  I love to use it at home when I am looking to make cleaners that don’t have “possible death” as a side effect.  You also get the added bonus of such an amazing scent!

What To Mix It With

I like to include a small section about what essential oils mix well with whatever oil I am talking about at the time.  These oils might blen well because the scents are similar or they share similar benefits.  Here is my list of the top five oils that I like to blend with ravensara essential oil

  • Bergamot
  • Cardamom
  • Cedar Wood
  • Grapefruit
  • Cypress


While ravensara is considered a very safe essential oil, you should always use with caution.  Do you research and make sure that you are using the essential oil safely and consult your physician of you have any questions.

Avoid this and most other essential oils if you are pregnant or think you’re might be.  Essential oils are very small molecules that can pass through your blood stream and into the babies’.  That being said, this essential oil is also works with the secretion of certain hormones that can have adverse effects during pregnancy.


As I started out mentioning, I believe that most people have no idea about all of the uses and benefits of ravensara essential oil.  It really is one of those oils that can be used for a wide array of different problems.  Make sure that you pick up a small bottle so that you have it around next time you need it!

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