Great Benefits And Uses of Sweet Grass Essential Oil

//Great Benefits And Uses of Sweet Grass Essential Oil

Great Benefits And Uses of Sweet Grass Essential Oil

Sweet grass essential oil is an extract from various grass species, namely zubrowka, holy grass, Seneca grass, bison grass and vanilla grass.  It gets its name from the sweet scent that it produces if you cut it before the first frost of the year.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to distill essential oil from grass though.  That means that sweetgrass oil is actually a fragrance oil created with synthetic ingredients.

Sweet grass is an herb native in Eurasia and North America, growing best along shorelines and in wetlands.  This is because it requires plenty of water and is not draught resistant.  It also typically grows among other grasses and is rarely found growing by itself.

As for the plant itself, it is a very hardy perennial plant that grows well in colder climates.  Without rigid stems, the plant remains very soft and cannot grow very tall.  It can be harvester several times a year depending on which strain you are planting.

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Native Americans considered sweet grass to be one of the four sacred medicines and used it for a variety of medical conditions.  You will see sweet grass appear often throughout their history and traditions.  They also use the grass to weave baskets and woven bowls.

While we are just scraping the surface when it comes to the uses of sweet grass essential oil, Europeans have been using it for thousands of years.  In Medieval times, it was very common to spread sweet grass across the entrance to churches.  This releases the sweet scent at you walk across it.

Close up of wet grass

Benefits of Sweet Grass Essential Oil

  1. Relaxing scent – The aroma in sweet grass essential oil is nerve relaxing, wades off tension and anxiety, thus promoting higher natural energy levels. It also helps calm down people who have Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. Soothing coughs and sore throat pains– The scent loosens a tight cough making it easy to cough out and relieves sore throat pains.
  3. Cures dry skin- Topically applying the oil is beneficial to dry chapped skin due to its moisturizing properties. Diluting sweet grass essential oil with a carrier oil like olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil results in a highly effective skin moisturizer.
  4. Antiseptic properties- This essential oil protects infections on minor wounds and scrapes.
  5. Prevents the formation of acne– Sweetgrass essential oil has antiseptic properties that kill acne-causing bacteria. It also heals skin inflammations like sunburns, redness, and itchiness.
  6. Cures infections caused by fungi- The oil is antifungal. It heals and protects the scalp from psoriasis, cradle cap, and ringworms. It also cures athlete’s foot and nail fungi.
  7. Antidepressant- Sweetgrass oil is nerve calming and can help victims of tragedies like; death of a loved one, molestation, job loss, divorce among others, from sinking to depression, as they undergo treatment.
  8. Circulatory oil- It helps relieve poor blood circulation symptoms, characterized by numbness, cold feet, cold hands, a tingling sensation in arms or legs, dizziness, water retention and headaches.
  9. Relief for vascular diseases- Sweet grass essential oil helps relieve the symptoms of vascular diseases like arteriovenous malformation and varicose veins.
  10. Repels mosquitos- Though the scent is sweet to human beings, it is repulsive to mosquitos hence keeping them away.
  11. Soothes achy joints- Massaging the oil on aching joints relieves the pain.
Sweetgrass growing in water

Uses of Sweet Grass Essential Oil

  • Massage oil- Sweet grass oil is pleasantly scented and moisturizing. It makes for an ideal massage oil leaving the user relaxed, and their skin moisturized and sweetly fragranced.
  • As a ‘smudge’ spray- Sweet Grass oil is used in Native American Culture to offer spiritual healing, attract positive energy and ward off negative energy. The natives, therefore, refer to the oil as a sacred oil.
  • Used in meditation- You can use this scent to create a sense of calm, mindfulness, concentration, awareness of oneself and serenity.
  • For cleaning minor scrapes- Due to its antiseptic properties, using sweetgrass oil in minor wounds and scrapes prevents further infections.
  • Used as a deodorizer- The oil forms a powerful deodorizer for rooms and cars. It is effective when you use it alone or blended with other oils. The sweet aroma replaces bad odors.
  • As a skin moisturizer- The oil has powerful moisturizing properties that you can use topically with a carrier oil to soothe and heal dry, chapped skin.
  • As an ingredient in hair care products- Due to its healing properties, the oil prevents scalp infections and dandruff when used in hair shampoos and conditioners.
  • Used in aromatic baths- Adding a few drops of sweetgrass essential oil in bath water makes the soak relaxing and enjoyable.
  • Used in aromatherapy- Direct inhalation of sweet grass essential oil is useful in stress relief due to its sweet scent. The fragrance also relieves coughs and sore throats.  Using a few drops of the oil in an inhaler or diffuser can help relieve lung congestion, loosen a tight cough and reduce sore throat pain.
  • Room diffuser– Using this oil as a room diffuser purifies the room and brings about a good mood.
A field of grass

What To Blend With Sweet Grass

Every essential oil has its own benefits and uses that pair well with other like oils.  Finding that perfect combination for your condition is essential to effective use of essential oils.  I find that sweet grass mixes best with natural smokey and floral scents.  Here are a few other oils that I like to mix with when I am using Sweet Grass.

  • Sandalwood
  • Sage
  • Cedarwood
  • Lavender

4 Cool Facts About Sweetgrass

  • Sweetgrass is one of the most important plants to Native Americans.  It is used as an incense and purifying herb for many tribes.
  • To Native Americans, sweetgrass symbolizes peace, healing, and spirituality.
  • Sweetgrass needs to be harvested before exposure to frost because it will lose its scent.
  • It is typically planted using plant division.  This is because seeds are mostly infertile and slow to grow if they do sprout.


This oil is actually considered a fragrance oil, instead of an essential oil, because of the way it is extracted.  Sweetgrass oil isn’t extracted from the grass itself.  It is a synthetic combination that is designed to smell like sweetgrass.  Therefore, you should not use it internally because you cant guarantee that it is 100% organic.

It is also important that you keep this product out of the reach of children.  Anything that smells great has a risk of attracting children.  This oil is especially good at that because many people compare the smell to the that of bubble gum.


Sweet grass essential oil has numerous purposes. It is used in spirituality to get rid of negative energy, perform spiritual cleansing and attract positive energy. It is also beneficial in emotional and physical well-being due to its sweet scent, astringent and healing properties.  Either way, you can’t go wrong when choosing to use thing great oil!

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