Benefits and Uses of Violet Essential Oil (Violet Absolute Oil)

//Benefits and Uses of Violet Essential Oil (Violet Absolute Oil)

Benefits and Uses of Violet Essential Oil (Violet Absolute Oil)

Violet, sometimes known as sweet violet, is a small perennial plant with dark green leaves and small flowers that come in a variety of colors. You can find over 200 species of the violet plant cultivated in Greece, Italy, France, England, and China. The flowers themselves are still very common across the world, but violet essential oil is becoming increasingly popular for its uses and benefits!

Historically, Greeks considered violets to be a symbol of love and would use them in love potions. Ancient Britons used the plant’s flowers as a cosmetic, where ladies would blend them with goats’ milk to increase beauty.

Today, we often us violets in the cosmetic industry to produce high-end products, and some of them in food flavoring. The oil is extracted from flower petals or sometimes leaves.

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Violet essential oil is quite expensive, as it takes a ton of violet leaves to produce one pound residue. Therefore, you will find it sold and used in smaller portions. The essential oil possesses a broad range of nutritional properties and offers a host of benefits, as listed below.

Please note that this oil is actually an absolute oil because it is extracted with a solvent solution. This means that it is not 100% natural because it will contain part of that alcohol solution. For the most part though, you can use it in the same way you would use an essential oil.

Benefits of Violet Essential Oil

Benefits of Violet Essential Oil

  • Skin health – Violet essential oil has for a long time been used to treat various skin ailments, such as eczema and psoriasis. If you struggle with these conditions, dilute the oil with water then use a cotton ball to apply it to the affected area. Additionally, violet oil has moisturizing and emollient properties that make it very useful for dry flaky and itchy skin. You can blend the essential oil with your regular face cream and apply daily to prevent chapping and soothe skin dryness.
  • Anti-inflammatory – Violet absolute oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which help ease swollen muscles when massaged into joints. This oil is highly useful for people with arthritis and frequent headaches. Its analgesic and expectorant qualities make it effective for the relief of pains. It has calming properties and you can use to ease a variety of conditions.  You can also use it to heal ulcers, swollen glands, and tumors.
  • Sexual dysfunction – It may be a shocker to you, but if you are looking for a natural way to treat sexual dysfunction, violet essential oil will work wonders. It helps treat sexual dysfunction caused by tension, depression, and stress. Add a blend of violet, clary sage and jasmine essential oils to a bath and soak in it for a few minutes from time to time, to solve this problem. You will never have to revisit the doctor.
  • Calms coughs and loosens mucus – Thanks to its expectorant properties, you can use violet absolute oil to treat the common cold symptoms, such as blocked sinuses and sore throats. Its fumes can be inhaled to clear the lungs of phlegm or any other congestion.  This also means that it is very effective in helping you fight snoring.  You can also inhale the fumes by adding a few drops to a container filled with hot water, then covering your head with a towel and breathing in vapors for 2-3 minutes.
A bowl of picked violets

Uses of Violet Essential Oil

  1. Pain relief – Violet essential oil is a natural pain relief solution and can be an alternative to prescription drugs. If you experience frequent pains at a particular part of your body, massage the oil onto the area at least four times a day to soothe the discomfort. If you have painful nipples from breast-feeding, gently rub the oil onto your breasts several times a day. Wash it off before nursing. Before application, do not forget to dilute it.
  2. Homemade scent – Many have nicknamed the violet “sweet violet” because of its amazing sweet scent. Violet oil has a sweet floral scent that can be a fragrance. Add two drops of the oil to two drops of jasmine essential oil and diffuse in into your home to fill the air with a sweet scent. It will also help you relieve stress, as violet absolute oil possesses anti-depressant properties.
  3. Massage – You can use violet absolute oil to make your homemade massage oil. To avoid adverse side effects, remember to dilute it with a carrier oil of your choice, such as sweet almond or coconut. If you frequent the gym a lot or your job requires you to be involved in strenuous activities, you can massage this blend onto your joints to relieve muscular pains.
  4. Relieve dry skin – You can mix violet oil with a good carrier oil to relieve your dry skin and irritation.  This works great as part of a daily routine for long term relief.  It is commonly used by those who suffer from the effects of eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

What Do Blend With Violet

When mixing violet essential oil, you want to match it with something that is going to help solve whatever problem you are trying to solve.  Here are a few essential oils that I personally like to mix with Violet.

  • Basil
  • Cumin
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Peppermint
Violets in full bloom ready to be picked


You should never induce violet essential oil, as it may cause severe nausea and vomiting. Always dilute the oil before applying it to your skin. Finally, do not exceed the recommended amount as it can have adverse effects on your skin.

As I mentioned above, this oil is extracted using the solvent method.  Keep that in mind when you are looking to take advantage of the benefits of violet essential oil.


Whether you see it called an essential oil or an absolute oil, the uses and benefits remain the same!  This oil have a very distinct aroma with a long list of benefits for the body that you should be taking advantage of.

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